Collecting Some Of What She Owes Me

I've been gone for a year. In the last month or so I've confronted her about her affair. She's contrite, so sorry, and wanting to make it better...

We've been talking about the marriage and what she has done. She insists she wants the marriage to continue, doesn't want me to leave. I've told her she has a long way to go to earn my trust and just plain make up for what she has done.

I think she should pay with blow jobs. One for each month I was gone. But not from her. I want blow jobs from her friends, while she watches. And she has to arrange it.

The first will be her best friend Belinda. She's a chubby **** who only sleeps with married men, so I'm not going to count that one. She's openly suggested for years that she would take care of me. So, time she put her money - or my **** - where her mouth is. I don't really want to **** her, just have her suck my **** dry. Oh, and maybe enjoy some *** to mouth. Belinda would dig it, my wife would be shocked and I get my balls drained. Sounds like a win.

She owes me 12 blow jobs from 12 of her friends. She has some smokin' hot friends, but most are Plain Janes, even a couple dogs. But I don't care as long as they are good at it. My wife is not good at giving head, so I want her to see how it can to completion and feel good. For me, that is. Maybe she'll learn something and her technique will improve.

I wonder who will be first.
AnonyManXV AnonyManXV
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

for the cute ones, that would work, but for the rest get them elsewhere...they need to be as cute or cuter than your wife..