I'm Thinking

there's some ep people i'd really like to meet in person

and some others I hope I never do.


what   category  are you in?

what   category am I in!? hehe

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Yep, I know that feeling well. I've felt that other places & situations as well. In fact I was just corresponding with some one last night that I think would be great to know. I can't say anything yet about others as I just joined right before C'mas and am still learning my way about. I did already have contact, just for a brief contact, that I'd prefer not to encounter again. I know the type he sounds like and while I like most everybody, no offense, but not for me. I won't ever tell someone that they have a bad personality or any type of personal assault on them just because of how I feel. It's very common to feel a connection with certain people right away and want to know them better. <br />
What category for you? Since I know absolutely nothing about you, never looked at your profile, I would need to see where your thoughts & ideas are. Differing points of view with others is good, unless one of them is so set to something(s) that they won't hear anything other than what they believe, I'm one who, when someone has asked me why so & so does something a certain way, I just say, "that's just their way." I'm an up front type of person who is real about what she thinks & believes. If you can't handle that, well perhaps we just weren't meant to be friends. My best compliment was from a person who I had know about a month. At that, we only saw each other 3 or 4 times, but had had interesting conversations. This day, after we had spoke for awhile, he looked at me & said, "You really are just how you speak." I looked puzzled I guess, because he then said, "most people just say things that they don't believe & don't live up to. But you're not that way." I'd never thought of myself that way but to me, if you try to be something you're not, eventually it'll backfire on you. Eventually you will have to be who you are. <br />
I could say a lot more, however, I'm pretty sure you stopped reading this and/or are really sorry I chose to answer this question. Alas, you're saved....gotta go!

This is the question, hm!<br />
<br />
I wander!

i was just thinking this very same thing lol

I think we know which category we fall into with each other :D