Nothing Hotter ... Procreative Sex!

There is nothing more erotic or more driven than sex with the intended purpose of pregnancy. I never feel more masculine or alive than when I am trying to **** my seed into a woman and make her 'take'.

I have gotten a woman pregnant four times. Each time, alas, it was within the first month of trying. Guess I have the physiology and fertility to get the job done!

I got my ex pregnant twice, and helped out two women who had infertile husbands. One of the fellows was there to watch. It was a bit of an ego trip to plant my seed in her while he watched her get a good *******.

I like thinking of the way I prefer to do it, the thought of which always arouses me. I like to be in the classic missionary position, looking at her face and body while I **** with long deep strokes. I make it last for a while ... I want her to know she has been ****** and filled. I am not huge, but definitely not small either, 7.25" with a large head, but pretty big in girth - 6.75" in circumference. When I ***, I shoot hard, with a large load - one old girlfriend halfway-complained that she needed a diaper because of me. I will **** her with long strokes until she is ******* so hard she digs her nails into my back, and then I will slam into her at the end, leaving my fertile load in her.

****** and filled, that is how I like to give it to her. And it seems to work!
RichardBollocks RichardBollocks
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I want that!! So hot but such a burning desire!!