Whiteboards And Flamers (a Repost)


Now the thing about EP is that it is a relatively open format, so anyone who knows how to change their IP addresses can keep making new accounts and returning to flame people after they get banned or blocked; I see this happening.

All of the trouble I have encountered here has been with flamers, BTW, and the one feature they seem to always use is the whiteboard.
If they flamed you in private you'd just delete the PM's and block, right?
Which would have no entertainment value for the flamer/troll.  BO-RING.

So, without that public place to say things, their reward for trolling would go away, and it would stop being a problem.
Without having to change much else about the site, if one could turn off the whiteboard, or make it friends-only at your choice, it would pretty much eliminate the one major way flamers bait people here.

I personally would not miss the whiteboard much.  I want to turn it off, or at least lock non-friends out of it, but I can't.
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2012

There is also an experience group called, I Want To Improve Experience Project, that EP does pay attention to the suggestions. You may want to visit the group to see if you would like to copy and repost this story as a suggestion on that group for review.

Great suggestion! Have you submitted it to EP yet? You may even create an experience group and make a poll to show EP how people may be in favor of this. I would certainly participate and support you in this. Let me know if you do. Thanks! Your EP friend - Ace :-)

How does one go about submitting it to EP officially?

You can go to this EP web address:

You will see a lot of options to choose from on the page. Off to the right it says "Contact Us" Under that you can click on "Email Us" It may take awhile for them to respond back to you, yet they will. I have done it. :-)

Yes, good suggestion.