Writing About What Matters

I sometimes wonder where I would be without the freedom  to write. For me it's a way of clarifying my fleeting thoughts and emotions. It's a way of grabbing hold of fragments of time. It's a chance to say,'This was important to me.' As I get older I find time moves so quickly that if I don't write some of it down it will just pass me by.

I love to write. Love the idea of sharing stories and of listening closely as other's share thiers. I've been to a few creative writing classes over the years and each of them has been a real blessing. I've learnt a bit about writing, but more importantly, learnt a bit about living.

For me writing is about freedom. When I sit down to write I almost feel like a different person. The nervousness of my speaking voice falls away and at       last , I can express myself as I really am. When I write I'm not hampered by a quavverying voice. I dont break out in a cold sweat. And I can take whatever time I need to say whatever it is I have to say.

I love to write! And I love to read what others have written. For me our writings are who we really are. 
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1 Response Apr 5, 2011

I couldn't agree more! I'm in the same boat, as I feel I'm much more of an effective writer than I am public speaker...<br />
Keep on wring and keep on discovering and sharing what you find about life along the way!