English, My Weakness

Though I have passed the CET-6 during my college time, i did not work with it for many years, and I need more practice to improve my spoken English. I think it is one of most important skills to find a better job. Now, i am working in an international brand hotel , and naturally, English is an official language. it is a big pressure for me to work well. Always, i admire the colleagues who can speak English fluently. I do not know how long I can  talk with foreigners naturally and confidently. I am working on it day by day, until one day, it will come ture!

mandylu mandylu
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Mandylu,Good Luck! I want to improve my English like you and I'm trying!I hope will find job with my ehglish knowelege!I'm interested it...

Well, what language do you speak fluently?