Video : How I Improved My Handwriting

I used to have a sloppy handwriting, but I have never tried to improve it. Since my job required a neat handwriting and I kept looking for answers on how to improve mine, finally I got this great idea.
I kept on using PhotoShop and write something on it, the choose fonts that i wanted to learn to imitate. Suddenly I found that I can write these fonts as they are, and my handwriting was not so bad, I only did not know how to draw the letters correctly. I did not stick with one font, I found myself just drawing letters I learned from PhotoShop fonts. Now please watch my final result video, then try my method if you really want to improve your handwriting ....
1) This how I started
Video (
2) This what I can do now
 video (

Remember, using some pens is not the secret, just use any pen for now .
evry1falls evry1falls
Feb 15, 2013