Terrible Scrawl, Just For You.

In these days where email is rapidly superceding even the printed letter, handwriting is an ever more personal way of communicating with someone.

But it helps if one has more to choose from tiny little immature printing or illegible scrawl.

I have always had pretty rotten handwriting.

It'd be nice to develop a mature, legible and somewhat elegant style.

For anyone else who's interested in more classic handwriting styles, check out: http://www.iampeth.com/lessons.htm

I recently purchased my first fountain pen and found that it's much less fatiguing to write with. No more pressing down on the page!
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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3 Responses Jun 23, 2007

I like letters too. And my handwriting is like a third-grader's, if not worse. I learned cursive in fifth grade, then promptly forgot it.

I miss the good old days when one waits patiently and eagerly for the postman to arrive with a letter or a postcard from a loved one or a friend. The joy of seeing a handwritten note on an envelope and trying to guess who it was from is a lost pleasure in my life. I believe handwriting like lines on our forehead and palm tell alot about the *person*. You can read ones personality and mood through their handwriting easily. It can show if you are in a calm or in a hurried state of mind. I love to write and I do not mind writing on scraps of paper using a cheap biro or a montegrappa fountain pen. A scribble or a written essay in my handwriting over the years have always amused and delighted me when read again and again. Even more so when I am able to reread letters received from Mom and Dad (Or even boyfriends of the past). Now emails and internet technology have surpressed this personalised feeling of nostalgia. If only I could .............................