I'm Working On It!

I do suffer from Social Anxiety and depression was mixed up in that too. But I finally got help with the depression and now I'm working on my anxiety. :-)

I do want a more quality life, where I am able to do more, some of the things that others take for granted. For example,  to be able to leave the house at will... not building myself up to it, for a once or twice a week outing. It would be nice to leave the house when I wanted to, not when my disorder decides it's okay to. =p

Also, I have to learn to read people better... learning who to trust and who not to trust. And to not be too trusting, letting anyone call me a friend.  I need to learn when to stop taking abuse, in the name of friendship. :-/

And I am also working on finding safe and healthy relationships. I didn't do too well, in my past, and found myself in dangerous situations. ACK! :-(

So, these are the things I am approving in my life. One step at a time. But I'm working hard on it! :-)

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1 Response Dec 8, 2008

I am right there with you. Don't give up on it.