I'm Disappointed With This Site

I joined this site, hoping that by joining an intel'lectually oriented site, that I might surround myself with like minded people who wanted to have meaningful conversations, and not the normal mind numbing dribble I endure on Facebook and other superficial social media sites. I was completely wrong in my assumptions.
I posted a question about how I felt breast feeding in public and public urination to be alike in the sense that both involved exposing private parts of the body in public, and that neither of them should be illegal, as long as they were both being done with a certain level of dignity and decorum. Perhaps I reached to far in attempting to make that connection, but for myself I feel as though neither of them should be cut and dry illegal. I explained that in my current profession I work on the road, and restrooms are not always available, so in order to avert urinary incontinence there have been occasions where I have had to relieve myself in less than comfortable surroundings. On one of these occasions I had a woman call in that she "thought" i was "peeing" behind a dumpster. She couldn't be certain, because I was being discrete and respectful about it, and not just whipping it out without any regard for my surroundings. Anyhow, I posed the question on this site, about them being somewhat the same thing where there was a necessary function that needed to occur that involved a level of exposure of one self, and that I didn't think it warranted potential citation, and in some cases a life long scar upon ones character.
Whether or not people agree or can even make the leap of correlating the two things, my question was received by some with respectful disagreement, which I have no problem with. That is the very reason I joined this site, was to enter into conversations where there could be intelligent banter, and debate, but a couple of the responses were rude and very base responses. Personal attacks, I believe are indicators of someones lack of intellect, and their inability to have a contrary conversation, but maintain respect for differing opinions. I chose this site thinking that this would be the perfect forum for this type of debate. I have not decided to leave this site because of these few individuals, but I hope that I find the majority of members to view this site in the same manner I do, a place where we can all make whatever points we want, ask any questions we desire, knowing that no one has to worry about being received in a disrespectful manner, where personal attacks are never used as the rebuttal to an opinion someone disagrees with.
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To be honest im not dissapointed with this site but im not happy with it either soo i kinda agree with you even though I didnt read the whole thing