A Second Chance.

I was always the smart kid. I was told that I was oddly mature at a young age. My Mom used to say that I must have been an old lady who was too hard headed to die so she came back as a baby. I was a 4.0 student who never had to study for tests. I was extremely creative and was told that I was going to do great things.
At eight years old it became frighteningly clear that something was physically wrong with me. I had an auto immune disease that was causing pain as strong as labor contractions (doctor's words) in my pelvic. All therapies, surgeries, and medications did not work. By 14 I was taking opiods for the pain. Oxycodone, percocet, methadone, dilaudid, fentanyl, ect. At 18 I had a surgery that took away 90% of my pain away. My joy soon turned south when it became clear I was completely dependant on these drugs. I was told that if I just stopped cold turkey my heart would give out. I started the agonizingly slow process of getting off the drugs. Multiple complications occurred and two years later, even though i had majorly lowered my drugs, I wasnt completely off. One day I started shaking and didnt stop. My doctors said that my body couldnt handle the drugs and that I would start having seizures if I didnt get completely off immediately. I was checked into the chemical dependency center at a local hospital where i could safely detox. The last day I took any type of opiod was May 11, 2012! With this victory came great concerns. I was on heavy duty opiods for 6 years! It was a miracle I had any type of intelligance left. I was told many of my brain cells would have died, but they would grow back. My cognitive function has improved drasticaly. I took my GED and passed with flying colors. (I scored better than 99% of the people who took the GED in the Writing Section. My other subjects were not far behind.) I feel so blessed that my mind is intact and I am at peace with all that has happened. Now I want to know any ideas people have that may help my mind expand.
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Thankyou, though that sounds strange to me. I lived my experience so they seem so normal to me

well i would have gone in depression ....so i find it inspiring that you faced it with courage....

very inspiring..... thank you for sharing ... :)