IMPROVING Signing Skills

I certainly understand your situation.  My daughter-in-law signs low level exact English; however, the more years that pass since she was in school, the more she incorporates "home" sign.  I have to sign for her when she visits her doctor.  It's really difficult to explain what's being said to her.  Even if I were to go back and improve my skill with "accepted" signing, she doesn't understand.

Fortunately, she has finally decided she needs to improve her signing skills.  NOW, I'm hard pressed to keep up with her.

For the woman whose daughter is deaf --  please take a signing class.  If you don't learn and keep up with your daughter, you're going to miss out on some important stages in her life.  If you can learn enough, there's always the possibility you can be certified to translate --  and there's good money in that.  SO, you could help your daughter --  and yourself all in one fell swoop!

Good luck to all of you.

Hemakamaka (friend)
hemakamaka hemakamaka
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2007