Sometimes I Feel As If People Find Me Intimidating.

And this isn't really a good thing. I'm built larger than a lot of my peers, plus I'm half black (I live in an area that's maybe 98% white...), which isn't nessesarily a bad thing but a lot of people expect me to follow a steriotype or act a certain way because of it. So I feel like I have no choice but to primarily hang out with the tough guys and rebels because physically, I fit right into it. I feel like I'll scare most other people off or at least make them feel uncomfortable.

Mind you, I do have a small circle of friends who see me for who I am: introverted, friendly, and avoiding conflict the best I can; and I appriciate them much more than the loud mouth, trouble starting crew that I usually find myself fitting into. The thing is, I'm only limited to such a small group because other people with the same traits can find me imposing, and the fact that I have trouble pulling a conversation out of the blue doesn't help either.

Books are constantly judged by their cover, that's just how it is.
Swagless Swagless
18-21, M
Jan 22, 2013