Stop Living To Fill Voids...face Fears And Insecurities.. So That It Doesn't Hinder Your Actions...and Overall.. Your Personality.

my best word of advice is.. to stop living to fill voids...learn and face your fears and insecurities.. so that it doesn't hinder your actions...and overall.. reflect on your personality.

i've been doing a LOT of self analysis, figuring out why i feel the way i do, why i think the way i do, and why i act the way i do..the way im figuring it out is searching back into what really made me feel these ways by..figuring out what things in the past.. what habbits, what experiences.. and what ideas or impressions created my insecurities, fears and needs.. because all of these things are what hinder my actions now...and are affecting my overall personality. Since i've found them, and rationalized that they really are not things that need to affect me.. i feel a lot better.. i've taken a lot of time to prioritize my values and morals.. and i set a new moral compos.. to be able to feel good about what i do. because in the end.. it makes up who you are. and i just want to be able to really take a good look at myself at any given time, and know im the best person i can be. because that way.. i think i will have a better chance at getting rid of my insecurities. and i wont have such a fear that everyone is better than me. it might sound silly, but i dont think i've been very happy, and i think thats why i have been such a red bottom babboon (flirt) and seek so much attention. long ago, when i was in jr.high.. i didn't treat a lot of people very nicely.. and it came back to bite me in highschool, though there were other things i couldn't have helped that played into that too.. it sure changed my respect level, mind frame, and habbits. i made it a priority to treat everyone i knew, met, ran into.. whatever, with everything i had.. because if you're nice to everyone, and try your best, and give all you can.. its out of your control if people don't like you.. and thats not something you can take personally.. and i grew from that.. and most of the time to most people, i am that way.. but there are too many times that i lose track of it, and im not true to my main values and morals, not true to myself, im not the person i want to be or know i am. and it makes me question who i really am.. and that's what makes me feel unhappy , insecure, and inferior. but what ive been realizing is that those good morals and values are me. it's my past, and fears that hinder my actions and make me into something im not. so sum is, im rationalizing my fears and past, and working on self improvement, so that i can be secure.. and sure of myself.. proud of myself, and happy with who i am.. get rid of those insecurities and daemons after all..stop living to fill i don't act flirty or need attention from anyone else and am happy being just me, and just living that way..
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

That girl you are becoming....... She is incredibly beautiful and wonderfully attractive. I want to be around her!!! :)

thank you, that's really nice to hear. im working hard! :)