Hi EP!

I have a Xmas wish. I think it would be wonderful if there was a little tiny place to draw a doodle or two at the bottom of my EP page. It wouldn`t have to be fancy- just one sized- and coloured line; and the ability to save one or 3 of whatever we drew.
Sometimes I come here and I just don`t want to use words yet. It would be really great to have somewhere to do a couple of sketches or scribbles.
It would be nice to be able to save 3 at a time, and have them be visible to others. They could be really small, like 2x2 inches or so, and arranged 3x3 across the page. I think it would be so super really cool.

( just planting the seed of an idea)

Cinderelly Cinderelly
36-40, F
5 Responses Dec 5, 2007

I really want it!!!

very very cool idea.

I love this idea!!

It would just be about having a place to go `blammo!!!` sometimes. <br />
It could be just a place to hang or hover when you feel creative but haven't found your direction yet...

That would be cool - I don't draw or doodle well, but for those who do, those who don't could see your talents!