A "Save Draft" Feature For Private Messages

My wish...

My apologies if this has already been suggested and addressed... but I'd love to have the option of saving a draft when writing a private message.  That way if I am interrupted when writing to a friend, I can save what I've written and return later to finish my comments without sending them half done, or having to start again later.  This is on my wish list!

Thank you EP staff for all that you do!

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4 Responses Jun 17, 2010

I' have done that a couple of times but mostly I forget I can do it LOLIn fact I regularly try to open sites likeEP in a new tab from my e-mail and a good percentage of the time I forget to right click on the bookmark, I left click and go right there.<br />
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Why I mentioned getting sidetracked

Thanks for looking into it, Arsineh :)<br />
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And thank you for the second, satin. I do have a suggestion for this -- instead you could open a second tab or window on your browser and go to ep (you'll already be signed in) and find the page you're needing to look at, so you don't have to copy, navigate away and then go back and paste.

Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing this with us. We'll discuss it with our engineers.

I'll second the motion for this. I know i'll be in the middle of a message and then want to check the profile of the person I'm writing too and it's a pain to copy and then paste back later, especially the way I get sidetracked.