I have two suggestions about group polls.
The first one is, I think we should be allowed to change our answers in polls that we have previously answered. The reason for this is sometimes, depending on what the poll is asking, someone's personal answer might change over time. Especially with polls about beliefs---sometimes beliefs change. I can speak personally on this. I have answered some polls in the past about my beliefs, and now I disagree with what I've answered previously and wish I could change my answer. Then the results of the poll would be more accurate and up-to-date.
The second thing is, I think it's interesting how different polls show up in the "Suggestions for you" box---it's probably a good way to get more answers to the polls across the groups of EP. However, I have noticed that many polls are meant in the context of whatever group they are in---they're not necessarily meant for people who don't share the same experience. That's how I make my polls too--they're intended for the people in the group. For example, I have a poll in the Am Christian group about the Rapture. I did include an option for "I don't believe in the Rapture." At the time, I thought only group members would/could answer the poll, so when I got a decent percentage of "I don't believe in the Rapture," i was a little surprised, although I know there are some Christians who don't believe in it---I just didn't know how many. But now I realize that anyone could have answered that way. And of course, there are many, many non-Christians who don't believe in it! So the poll results aren't accurate as far as the context in which it's asked. I have noticed this with other polls too---that they're obviously meant in the context of that experience group. So what I suggest is to either make it so only group member can answer polls asked within a certain group (or have the option available to the poll-maker to make it so only group members can answer or so everyone can answer), or at least have the option available to the poll-maker about whether or not the poll is included in the "Suggestions for you" box that comes up on each member's profile. Not to be exclusive or cliquish, but just to have better accuracy with the poll results.
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Thanks. =) I definitely understand wanting to be able to have more people answering, but it would be nice to have an option in the future if the poll is supposed to be taken only in the context of the group.

You make a good point. We make the polls available to everyone on the site this way you get a larger sample to poll, though we'll work at having more options available in the future.