I'm Sure That I Am Not The First To Suggest This But...

It would be amazing if EP had a mobile version of the site or maybe even an iphone app if it isn't too expensive.
dooWUttChAlyk14 dooWUttChAlyk14
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4 Responses Jul 11, 2010

You know, I never thought of it like that.... <br />
you've got a great point.<br />
I guess I am just spoiled when it comes to being able to navigate my favorite websites in a quick, simple, mobile version!

Can I ask to what extent this is going to benefit the users of this website? I'm all for something which increases accessibility, but I've always felt that Experience Project is something which requires a bit of time to sit down and engage with the site. I'm not suggesting that this is going to make Experience Project go in the direction of the heavily flawed site that is Facebook, but I'm just slightly concerned that this move might encourage a desire for novelty and brevity which doesn't really contribute to the site. I don't mean to sound overtly skeptical, but I don't think that a site that values personability, engagement and thought is going to mix particularly well with a mobile phone that is intended to send snippets on the go.<br />
<br />

Cool, that's awesome!<br />
<br />
Can't wait!!!!

Thanks for this suggestion. We hope to have this available in the future.