The Best Way To Improve Ep

would be to rid it once and for all of the pathetic individuals whose only reason for existance is to try to ruin the lives of others.
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Kitten, the avatars thing is tricky. Whilst I think it's nice (if that's the right word, haha) to see sexy avatars, there's a difference betwen that and seeing EVERYTHING! The old phrase 'leaving something to the imagination' is much more sexy.<br />
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I too hate how some manage to attack someone while staying just this side of the line. Surely, EP should be able to see the intent behind it, and be able to put 2 and 2 together, quite apart from the prolonged attacks that rear their ugly heads :( They need to be more on the ball.

If a member is on EP and attacking others and misbehaving, please let EP staff know by flagging the account or emailing EP Support.

lala, no worries :-) x

Sorry for the outburst x

Thanks so much to you all :)<br />
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Yes, the important thing is to look out for each other, which we always do, of course, but even more so at the moment with this spate of nastiness infecting this great site, and it is still great when there are so many lovely people around :) ((hugs polly)))<br />
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Jenni - I don't understand their mindset either. As you say, they don't have much happiness in their lives, so they are determined to bring others down. Very sad.<br />
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Brieks07 - thank you for your support :)<br />
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lala, I think EP have got their priorities completely wrong :( It is what people are saying and doing to others that is the problem here, not avatars! Gah!!!

Dont even start me on the whole avatar issue. She was wearing clothes yet it was still taken down<br />
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Mizzen and Starwolf, if you need an extra person to flag something or someone (for strength in numbers), feel free to PM me who/what and why, and I am willing to help out.

Starwolf77 Thank you for that information! :)

I seem rather pathetic, do I? What, for voicing my opinion about what has been going on on EP, by people who have no other reason to be on here than to hurt people, sadly there's a number of them right now. and make unprovoked attacks. You don't know me, what the hell gives you the right tosay this. Yes, you should be the first to go. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starwolf77, you may well be right. It's difficult to know exactly what to do, but it seems to me to do nothing is not an option. Too many people are getting hurt by predatory people, by harrassers, by stalkers, by con artists, by extortionists, by fantasists, by people hell bent on revenge to cover up their own pitiful lives. I cannot stand by and watch people I love and care about get hurt.

My kindred, sadly in some cases, that is the only option. This is why I am starting to bang on about EP and its legal, as well as moral duty. I think EP needs to take these activities a little more seriously sometimes. These are very serious issues.

In life, harrassment can be reported to police...on EP, it is subjective. The users who target others with personal hate must go, because the block function doesn't work if someone has a real vendetta. They just create a new profile. In that case, tracking the IP may work and then -that- IP can be banned completely. Smart hacking can get around that though, so I guess the only solution to ongoing threats is to call the physical real world authorities. *sigh*

EricS, I am not talking about that. Read some of the terrible stories on here. Many of them have been posted over the last few days. Then you might get some idea of what's been happening.

I both flag and in many cases write to Arsineh (thanks for your reply, Arsineh). I think mass action can make a difference, but I am perturbed that there are repeat offenders on here, people with multiple personalities. There is a moral and I would say legal obligation of EP to keep as much on top of it as they can, as I've said elsewhere, harassment, slander, extortion, all of these and others are criminal offences wherever they're perpetrated, and people are being hurt on here.

Too bad most people flag the wrong stories. <br />
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Flagging without proper reasons are just wrong. You can't play Sheriff just because you don't like someones written word. That is ludicrous.

We review each and every flag. Flagging does make a difference.

Maybe there is strength in numbers when it comes to flagging. Sometimes I feel my flags go by unnoticed, but perhaps if more people flagged, just the number of flags on a certain thing alone would draw EP's attention to it quicker.

That involves proper management of not only the staff but it's members. When we don't flag content but merely complain or respond negatively in confessions and comments it only makes the problem snowball out of control. When will the community at large accept responsibility for creating this monster?