I Want To Find All My Comments Back That I Wrote In A Reply To Other People Their Stories

As I am writing my first book, I planned to make a collection of all the answers I wrote to other people their stories of group that I did and also did not join. The comments I have written before in relpies to many people their stories have helped them. My insights gave them hope, strength and faith.. and that's what my book will be about, about hope, strength and faith.

Actually you didn't need to know ..all that..

I just want to find ALL my comments back again that I wrote in a reply to other people their stories.. but I can only find 5 percent or so, while I have replied to many many stories and I don't remember the titles of their stories, let alone the groups where I have posted my comments...

IS there any way to find my comments back again, all of them?

If not, dear staff of Experience Project, I am a HUGE fan of your website and I think this website really is the greatest website on the whole internet planet, but please.... let me find back all my comments to people their stories that I wrote... it is so important for me... I would have to think again about all the subjects I shared my insights about.. I just don't remember them anymore.. aww...

thank you in advance.
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I asked the same question a month ago, but I had thought the Comments where only from my own Stories. But I just found out by this Story here, that there is also a Sort Menu (I wasn't aware of) that was what I wasn't told about. Now I see it shows my Comments in other User's Stories. Now that finally aswered my Question that I never did get a complete answer to a month ago.

neat! - you know. . .I've said this before, but I'll say it again. We should have a page - of shortcuts and hints, just this kind of thing. :)

Cool! Thanx! mwuahhhhhhhh you're my savior :D

Besides going through the recent activity feed you can click on your username on the top right hand corner of the site header then choose 'my stories' from the dropdown. Then choose to sort by 'my comments'<br />
<br />
Going through your recent activity will display all comments you've made but is more time consuming.