Clogging Up Of Questions

I have noticed that the Questions section of Expereince Project has become very packed and sprawled. This stems from two things - first, there are users who are writing poorly phrased, sometimes grammatically incomprehensible questions which seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. Second, there are users, sometimes part of the aforementioned band, who simply spam the questions section with no thought for the people who do want to have a question answered!

I don't mind someone having a bit of banter and posting a funny question, but it has to be kept in moderation and posting multiple questions in the space of ten minutes is disrespectful and self-indulgent, especially when someone wants to ask a serious question but has there question shoved down the list by people who either aren't asking questions or are asking questions sheerly for the sake of asking a question.

At the right times, the Questions section can be enjoyable to browse through, but clogging it with seemingly pointless questions makes it a tedious and awkward experience and prevents discussion from getting going in questions that do intend a little more depth of interaction.

I would advocate that a limit be put on the number of questions a user can pose over a certain amount of time (say two every half hour) and if a question is blatantly incomprehensible that it be taken down and the user encouraged to phrase it differently should they simply happen to be someone who genuinely finds English difficult - we must remember that not everybody finds English difficult, some people use "text speak" because they can't be bothered phrasing their questions in a way in which we non-texters can understand.

For a case in point, look at the Questions section right now. As I type this, one user has an entire barrage of questions on the first page! Some of them are genuine questions, but asking tons of questions should never relegate other questions which require their own attention too. Obviously this will have changed soon after I post this, but the Questions section varies over time and at certain times of the day, the problems of which I type are prevalent. Please give this some thought and if change is not possible, I would like to know why it isn't.

Laertes Laertes
18-21, M
2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Thank you.<br />
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Thanks for your post. If a member is spamming or abusing the Q&A section in a way that violates EP terms, please flag the questions. <br />
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If the member is posting questions/answers that are irrelevant or off-topic please flag the question and mark it 'off-topic' which is an option in the drop down menu.<br />
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We will be reviewing these flag reports regularly. <br />
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You can also block a member to avoid seeing their question posts.