My Blog Section Is Causing Me Trouble

 My Blog Section Is Causing Me Trouble 
Last week July Saturday 10, 2010.  I made (Scripted) an extensive Blog back then.  Then when I clicked on [ Summit = Post ].  I got into the other Blogs page. Not showing that my Blog was Posted.  And found out it didn't get Posted.  And going back to the Script Box had nothing in it that I had written still there.  I lost all my hard work to writing down my thoughts.  So I notice that this site isn't doing a good job at Posting Blogs.  I haven't Posted another Blog yet, do to my apprehension if it will get Posted.  And is there away that I can be assured that I can Post my Blogs and not have this happen again?

Today as I tried to go to my Blog Page, My Internet Browser 8 Froze Up.  I always find my Internet Browser Freezing up for 3 to 5 minutes before. And wanted to ask about this before.  But today it was Frozen to 7 minutes and indefinitely, that I had to Delete my Browser.  Why is the Blog Page Freezing Up My Internet Browser 8?
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My latest Blog Entry was on Sunday July 4, 2010 Titled: "I'm 55 I Wonder Why Anybody That Is 25 And Older Looks Older Than Me?" And I Started Out By Saying ... Quote: "I wrote a Story in ... "I Don't Look My Age". This is a Copy of that Story here. Cause sometimes others don't notice what I'm trying to say in Group Experiences sometimes. And I was trying to get this out in my Blog 5 Hours ago, but my Computer has given me troubles. I had to clean my Drive Up and Re-boot. Blog Site has something that Freezes my Browser. I don't understand it? But here is what I had to say ..." I got mentioning that I had trouble then, getting into my Blog pages.

I guess the reason I am hating the Notepad is because I don't have a Spell Check in it. Very Annoying. But I need to try that, if I can feel better about it? Thanks!

I tried to get into my Blog page again twice awhile ago and my Browser is still Freezing Up. And tried to notice what my Browser was trying to have downloaded at the time. From viewing at the bottom of my browser information. Which said: Waiting For: http%3A%2F%2Fchakrasolipsismmgp?/??????? (The rest of it was out of my viewing). My Browser seemed to have a problem with the downloading for this web page. And What is it?

My Computer has WINDOWS XP and Internet Explorer 8. It was a hand me down Compter to me back since Late Fall 2009. It seems to have some problems with slow modem downloading and Browser Behavior. In Most places on EP, I have 1 to 2 minutes of my Browser peddling around and holding me up. But ever since I been here actually since January 2010, my Blog Page would hang up my Browser for 4 to 5 minutes. But Today my Browser was Frozen Up for good. Also I remember earlier this morning, for which I also forgot to add and mention was to my question. Was these Scripting Ads, I was having a type of looping and continuous Re-Freshing behavor, that was being very annoying to me. I am now wondering about that? I turned off my Web Page Auto-matic Re-Freshing. But today noticed my Browser acting bl<x>inky, because of these Ad Scriptings that have Auto-Loop-Re-freshing to them.

Thanks for this post. We had a bug last week which was temporarily preventing new blog posts. We have since corrected this bug and you should be able to post comfortably.<br />
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We will be investigating why your page freezes but help us figure out the issue can you tell me how long this has been going on? Does it happen when you use another browser as well? Does it happen when you are on other sections of the site as well, or only blogs?