You Know What I Think About Ads- Now Here's One More Example Of Why I Think It

Please either make the following anvertizements load properly or REMOVE them as all the currently do is make the page rufuse to finish loading; wi160;hi.600101?click= FOR; wi160;hi.600101?click= T9smAF9TIHJq; wi160;hi.600101?click=

tulick tulick
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

well whatever this is it was just sitting there with the internet explorer thing worlling and a blank space where an ad was supposed to be and never loding anything ele making other windows i had open act up<br />
<br />
also irritating was probably something related to the auto refresh you were talking about but i was commenting on a story and i kept trying to scroll up to read bits of the origanl text to make a sensable comment and i kept getting intewrupered ever 2 minites with the task bar saying waiting and computer jargen like above switching between 3-4 things all for some ad that would not load and in the space where it was suppsed to be was the typical internet explorer can;t find webpage <br />
<br />
but despite it sayting that every 2 minutes it tried to load <br />
<br />

I noticed this has a 10 seconds Auto-Refresh which is causing me a lot of havoc. While my Browser is taking 120 seconds to get everything up from this site, then the Auto-Refresh is hacking and interfering with this process. I noticed my browser flickering for Auto-Refresh after the 120 seconds continueusly afterwards. Something has to be done with this and I hope soon.