The Unplesant Freeze

So I'll be in the middle of creating a story and I'll want to add a video and the box will pop up and I embed the code, I go to click the ok button and NOTHING HAPPENS. In fact I can't even cancel. No other links work on the page and I'm basically frozen. My only recourse is to close the window and reopen it. Then of course my story is gone and I have to start over from the beginning. Its very annoying.

EP Derek and I have been chatting about my Freeze experience with the EP system. He says its because I use a Mac to access EP. Hmmm that puzzles me. Why would that make a difference?  Below is an example of the unplesant freeze:

Now this is an example from my blog. I don't have an example from a story, yet. And yes, the video was from YouTube, if you look closely at the code you can even read it in the code.
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EPDerek I did write new story today and all I needed to do to add an image was copy it from one web page and add into the story window. I didn't need to add all the images to my desktop and then upload them onto the server. That WAS GREAT. Faster and quicker and less images I'll need to delete later. I haven't tried it with the image upload tab or into my blog yet.<br />
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Thank you Snowbunny. Its nice to know I'm not alone.<br />
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I have MS Word on my Mac, they make a Mac version (well they used to, I don't know if they will make another in the future, it would be stupid to stop now). Actually if I write it in word I tend not to submit it to EP. I'll keep it for writing examples. Whereas if I write it in EP I'll usually post it. Thanks anyhow for the tip. I usually copy the text before I send just in case it gets erased. Its hard to replicate the same thoughts again.

4vrunique-This happens to me frequently and I dont have a Mac. I have a Sony Vaio with Windows Vista?? Just wanted you to know you aren't alone :)

Regarding the loss of the whole story, one thing that helps is to write the story in microsoft word (or whatever the mac equivalent is, I know nothing about mac) then copy and paste it onto here. That way if it freezes, you have not lost your writing. We have been having trouble with our laptop and publishing things but they seem to have worked out now.

Okay, I will give it a try in the next couple weeks and let you know. Thank you for listening and attempting to fix this glitch :~)

Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it EPDerek!