If Ep Is Doing This, Why???!!!

     My name is mewold.  I have been a member of EP for a while and I love it.  I have written a few stupid stories.  I have written a few funny stories.  I have written a few serious stories.  And I have written a few stories that you might call just slightly naughty.  That last part was a joke.  (..... Space for laughing here ...)  I have also been known to start commenting on other people's stories and taking them to unknown and strange ( but funny ) places.

     I am dieing, but that isn't what this is about.  I have been copying my stories and the comments in my stories from this web site, ( I am not deleting them from EP. )  I am doing this because I would like for my grandchildren who are not even born yet to have an idea of who I was.  I had the joy of knowing and loving  my grandparents, but that will not be the case for my grandchildren. 

     I am compiling the stories into folders which I will give to each of my children.  They can save them until their children are old enough to understand and learn just who that guy in the pictures was.  

     Suddenly, I can no longer copy and paste my stories.  Am I unknowingly violating some rule?  Am I causing harm? 

     Maybe it is not you, meaning EP, at all.  If not, I am very sorry for even thinking that you would have a problem with this.  I will look for a solution elsewhere.  If It is you, please tell me what I can do to enable me to be allowed to finish what I have started.  

     This is the only gift I have to give to my grandchildren, whoever they may be, and I would like to finish it if I could.

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Blackandblack91, simply join a group where you found an interesting story or write a story on your own group. It is simple, and that is how you meet people also. For example, this story is in the group " I WANT TO IMPROVE THE EXPERIENCE PROJECT" as it says at the top of the story. Go to a group and it will be explained from there. Stories are a great way to express ourselves or get things out that we need or want to say. Very few of my stories are serious. I like Funny.


EP said that they didn't and I believe them. I think I have a problem with my equipement, i.e. mouse, ( it will not drag down,) or I have bad usb ports.

i did notice that yesterday mewold. im a copy n paste guy. i do hope that ep will allow u to finish your project. if indeed they changed the system in some form.

I love to talk to such a nice looking Adminestrater. I think now that it may be my usb ports. I haven't changed how I do it, but the computer is changing how it reacts. I think now that it is my equipement. I am sorry for any trouble I might have caused you. I was just really comcerned about something very important to me. Thank you for your timely responce. Darn, this is way too formal. Lets talk about something funny........like my nose........or my, er, never mind..........

You're welcome to copy stories you've written for personal use. This doesn't violate EP terms and there is no block in place to prevent this from happening.<br />
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Are you going about copying and pasting in a different way than you did in the past? You might want to try using a different browser to see if it maybe a browser related issue.

Thanks Morph, I am going to pm you.

How are you 'copying and pasting? Are you 'drag cursor' then 'right mouse click' before 'copy & paste' into Word or notepad (or something else)? PM me if you use Windows and you need tech. assistance- I may be able to help.<br />

emerald, my friend, you have always been a well of support for me and you have no idea how much I love you for it. You are in my heart, always.

missteri, thank you for the comment. I hope the grandkids don't go, "eeuuu, Gramps was Sick!" lol

I hope it's just a glitch... or your ink pen and hand are gonna run out and get tired! ;) Because, I think this is a wonderful idea you have for the family! But not just for the grandkids... the kids too. I bet even THEY will find some things about Dad that they never knew or understood! Get those pages copied somehow! And mewold.... thanks for letting US get to know you through your stories too! YOu've been great, and will remain so....:)

Thanks, wib, and thanks Sleepless, I suppose there could be another problem that I haven't figured out. I am not pointing fingers at EP, (yet), I am simply asking them if there is a problem with what I am doing. I can go elsewhere and the function still works. It seems to be tied in with EP.

Really mewold? I can't understand how the copy and paste function could be disabled ... I'll try it myself and see what happens ... that's very sad though and very commendable of you to want to copy your stories for your grandchildren to read ... what a wonderful way of telling them who you are/were. That's such a lovely idea. <br />
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We share so much on here and as many have said ... it's a great way to get to know people ... your grandchildren will be proud of you hon ... no question about it.