Spamming Gestures And Awareness

As sweet as the mass gesture feature is, receiving pages and pages of it from one member at a time, is a pain in my already sore backside. I miss the gestures sent to me personally.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can we turn this feature off if we want to.


A while ago I posted a suggestion here about us having certain awareness weeks. This was sort of 'rubbished' and I was told that we receive such and such pm's etc if we choose to about certain events. That's not what I said.

If we have certain weeks, or days, dedicated to something such as depression, anorexia, bipolar etc..., where those stories are featured and highlighted, I think not only will it make those of us who don't know much about them more aware, but it could bring a lot of people closer together and rebuild this 'community'.

Being sent a pm about a new moon, is not what I meant.

Thank you lovely people
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I didnt know it had been added!

I switched off mass gestures a while back lala ... a big improvement!!

thank you!

You can turn off mass gestures at any time. Visit 'account settings' off your profile page, choose 'communications' Then click to turn off 'mass gestures'<br />
<br />
We introduced this tool months ago based on member feedback.<br />
<br />
At EP in addition to the PMs that go out about special days and events, we have TwitCause. Through TwitCause we highlight a cause each week. In the pas these charities have been related to autism, cancer, and other important causes. Are these more of the type of causes you're interested in?<br />
<br />
We're working to highlight better stories from groups related to the cause of the week.<br />
<br />
Learn more here: <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>