Act Like Adults and mind your own business

I'm very disappointed to discover that this is not a human experience project.  It is a redacted version.   A group of women are going into groups they find disgusting and flagging stories they never should have read in the first place.  They are forcing EP to clean this place up ... censoring stories and people.  There's a blog out there right now where two women are reveling in happy glory that this is the direction EP is going.  I have too much of myself invested in my blogs and stories to suddenly find myself censored because NOW they find my contributions disgusting.

Many of you woke up this morning and discovered some of your stories had disappeared from public view.  Interesting use of the rightful power of the owners of this website.  But once censorship without warning begins, one will never know where it ends.  I would ask EP to clearly designate which human experiences are not welcome here and give us a day or so to collect our intellectual property before they delete us. 

As for me, I'm a guy who never cheats at games; I feel that once you have cheated, your statistics are ruined forever.  The experience project has grown up and is now a powerful force on the WWW ... it no longer needs scum like me to post titillating tales to attract more readers and visitors.  I suppose I'll collect my belongings and slink off to a new land ... sad to see that judgmental witches were allowed to run around going into groups that they find disgusting and reporting the story writers to EP as offensive.  Adults really shouldn't behave that way.  But sadder still to discover that the seedy side of human experiences aren't welcome... I wonder how long the place would last if all of the perverts went away and left these fine and respectable folk to jabber away about loving coffee and how hip the Beatles were... I believe that Facebook caters to those needs.  Any way you look at it, I've been foolish enough to keep my journal online rather than on disk and I know I'd better back up my thoughts before a single mouse click at EP headquarters clicks delete.

Too bad EP - It was really quite fun while it lasted. 

From the EP Directory:

We are about what's real.
  • Real is an authentic and genuine representation of an idea, person, or experience.
  • Real is not defined by society, it is inherent in who we are and the impact of our experiences.
  • Being real is the most intimate connection to our spirit and inner human identity.
We represent authenticity.
  • Our community is guided by the members and their experiences.
  • EP encourage members to be candid and honest about who they are and what they represent.
  • Anonymity allows members to share and contribute without hesitation and fear of judgment.
We build genuine relationships.
  • Our place allows members to connect to people, issues, things, and ideas which are relevant and important to them.
  • Experience Project believes people are not defined by a single experience, but are a product of all their experiences.
  • The relationships between members and experiences are underlined with a sense of support, respect, and openness.
We promote respect and compassion.
  • EP promotes members to interact with a sense of compassion and kindness.
  • EP believes all members should work to treat each other with respect.
  • EP encourages members to appreciate the differences that exist between all of us.
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Laertes, I think the point here is that if someone is uncomfortable by the subject matter of certain stories, they just shouldn't read those stories. We live in America and still - for the moment at least - have freedom of speech. People should be able to say whatever they like - it's not like we're going to someone's house and telling them this to their face. We're posting it on the internet, where people can choose to read it or not to read it. I don't have much sympathy, frankly, for someone who purposefully goes into a group that they find offensive and then whines that they were offended by what they read there.

I have been reading this thread with interest. If these self appointed censors ever got their way, I feel EP would become a very boring and barren landscape. We are sexual beings by nature, so we should be free to express dreams and fantasies(within reason).

Hey Dorothy! long time no blab! Yes, EP responded and satisfied me completely... Some of the stories that my friends lost may well have been ... on the edge of acceptable - still consenting is consenting as long as it isn't the consent of a minor. But many of them were fine and for now, it appears as though the practice of EP members hunting for stories to have deleted has stopped. Believe it or not, but I really am a guy who doesn't believe openin up the complaint box is a worthwhile thing to do, so It is always refreshing when it proves to be worthwhile.

WIB - you said it perfectly! Since I have joined EP, I have been all over the map - that is the great thing about EP - you can be all over the map in your interests! I can talk about my favorite flavor of ice cream, my crappy marriage and I can even try my creative hand at writing an Erotic Story (which I would NEVER do anywhere else!) - that is why I LOVE EP - the freedom to express your own life experiences.<br />
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I am with you, M2BF and WIB and Outercalm and CuriousSgt - I believe here is exactly where we should be allowed to express our opinions, beliefs, ideas, fantasies, etc... If I see something I am not interested in, I just move on - just like we all do about anything in life that is not something we are interested in - I think that Laertes (sp?) is way off base about the Goal of EP - thank goodness!!<br />
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(BTW - I have always had excellent responses from EP when I have contacted them with a problem or concern - I hope you get a good solution to your problem!)

Thanks for "shouldering up" with me WIB. :) Handling bullies isn't my strong suit.<br />
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Outercalm ... I've seen you go at it. (you enjoy a good trouble making!) But let's be honest, :) you are a very patient and reasonable person so of course this makes sense to you! thanks for your support.

I've commented on some of your political discussion and have read some of your other stories. Yes I have my adult filter disabled as well. Sex is part of who we are. If I don't like it I stop reading and move on to something else.<br />
<br />
As long as you are within EP guidelines you shouldn't have your stories deleted.

thank you m2bf ... just adding my thoughts. you know you have my support. :-)

Yes but Sgt... you don't understand one important point... My blocked list is 2 pages long ... no less than 50 folk. I am quick to block everyone who annoys me in any way. I acually go into groups that annoy me and block everyone who joins it... 20 or 30 of the most active posters on EP aren't allowed to offer their 10 pense on my stories. Haven't you ever noticed how calm my political blogs discussions are? LOL

See... when you want something written right... call in Woman in Bliss. Thanks WIB - you have articulated what I was trying to say perfectly!

My ten pence worth is this: I have no issue with the majority of the sexual content of EP. I have disabled the adult filter and therefore "expose myself" to possible "ob<x>jectionable content". Therefore occasionally there will be a story posted that I may not care for ... for example I dislike stories about the joys of defecation and sex with animals ... but I see the title of the story and judge it as something I do not wish to read ... and move on. Therefore I am not offended. Because I do not read it. It's such a simple concept ... that of choice. Choice by an adult as to whether or not to read something which might be offensive. <br />
<br />
I would disagree that EP is not the appropriate site for stories of a highly sexual nature ... many folks are members here who would probably never join dedicated sexual sites ... it provides an outlet for those who wish to just occasionally dip into such things ... as well as having friends with interests of a broader and non-sexual nature. <br />
<br />
As for whether stories are degrading to women ... I am personally not degraded by a fantasy ... men fantasize about women ... that's nothing new ... many would argue that *********** in general degrades women ... I disagree ... there will always be areas that I'd never condone ... child *********** for example, or non-consensual sexual activity ... rape and so on ... but generally speaking what happens between consenting adults is pretty much a free for all ... and so it should be ...<br />
<br />
And, back to the issue as to whether EP is the place to air such experiences ... certainly ... it's all part of the broad nature of human EXPERIENCE ... the clue is in the title. And, again, if you don't like it ... enable your adult filter ... and shut up.

Don't you love the way folks assume you are a rapist and a ********* just because you believe that the human experience shouldn't be redacted? EP has rules regarding illegal activities .... I haven't gotten my hackles up to defend freedom to express thoughts regarding nonconsentual sex.

BTW .. I believe I made it quite clear that I am an agist and have no use for the way young people think. Until a person has fought with their wife and starved with her, a person's values have little impression on me.

Ok Laertes, we're finished here. I am a going to act childishly now and though I marked this story for adults only... a ploy of mine to make sure that weak minded prudes stay away from me. i sent you a generous gift asking you to play nicely. Now, I'm going to teach you about blocking. When you read this comment, you will not be able to respond because i have asked EP to not allow you to bother me. You will be angry and annoyed... BUT KNOW THIS. Once I block you, you have no right to harass me in any way. Further contact and further abuse of me is a violation of you EP code of conduct. I hope you understand... we don't have to like each other... we simply are required to get along.

A note to Laertes<br />
you can block whomever you wish personally<br />
it really is as simple as that, EP should only be blocking pedophiles and stalkers<br />
<br />
everything else should be on you personally to block

And may you please explain how I am not behaving like an adult? I have presented my viewpoint reasonably and in a civil fashion and you haven't rebutted that which I said. As for as I'm concerned, I've raised valid concerns and you haven't answered them! I haven't proven your point, mainly because you've shown no evidence to argue that my stance is morally/idealogically/factually/fundamentally wrong. Once again, you lapse into the fallacy that everybody has to mind their own business - the thing you forget is that this I'm every bit as entitled to comment on your stories as you are to comment on mine. The very moment you come along into a very public group, the "I Want to Improve Experience Project" group, you make it very emphatically our business, because you're attacking people for flagging your stories. It's not all about you, you know, if you're going to start moralising every time someone finds your material inappropriate, you shouldn't be on this site.<br />
<br />
The big thing you overlook when you justify these groups is the fact that a lot of people don't want this kind of material on this website. Wanting to have sex with a woman is one thing. Wanting to involve women in degrading sexual activities is another thing completely and you have to accept that this kind of material is very offensive. You're making excuses for yourself, this whole idea that you can post whatever you want as long as people who don't want to read it leave it alone. I notice you dodged my question on paedophiles using this site as a means to sexual fantasies; are they untouchable, simply because their stories are simply words in their own little corner? Once again, if you want to post sexual fantasies, Experience Project is a poor choice of website and your doing yourself no favours with this unfounded seizure of the moral high ground.

The funny thing is that Laertes is 18-21. My biggest annoyance with EP is that 18-21 are allowed to be considered adults. My wife tries not to allow 18-21 to be her friends ... and I try my best to hesitate and withhold comments for 18-21 authors! We have no common ground at all and I remember being 18-26 (yes i mean six) !! Doesn't your face just go RED with shame when you recall the way you viewed the world at that age.

This is why they have markings that it is mature content and if you do not like mature content, you do not go. If you like some mature content, you go, check out the title or glance and as soon as you realize that it is not up your alley, you go. Well, that is what most of us do, anyway. Far be it from me to tell anyone else how to keep from upsetting themselves. It is kind of like the television. There are many programs that I cannot stand or find offensive that many others like. That is why I have a remote and keep good batteries in it.

Thank you for your point of view laertes. You prove my point exactly. You obviously don't have the ability to behave like an adult. Sexuality is a basic fact of the human experience. The groups are labeled. The logos should be clean. The stories are marked for adults and anyone who ob<x>jects, should act like an adult and mind their own business. You would argue that an adult book store or ***** bar has no right to exist because you don't have the power to walk passed and not go in and browse. I have every right to judge the judges ... in my point of view - nothing is more disgusting than those who believe they are superior to others. EP is welcome to ask me to leave any time they want to... but the kind folks here have always made me feel welcome and responded to my plea for sanity much to my satisfaction.

Hold on a second, before you start moralising and pontificating, have you stopped to wonder that there might have been a reason your stories/blogs were taken down? Since you haven't told us the exact nature of the subject matter of yours that has been taken down, I don't think you can qualify your assertion that the people flagging your stories shouln't have been reading them in the first place. Still, I decided to look through a few of your stories and I'm not surprised to see that some of them are of a highly sexual nature. The biggest fallacy in your claims is the notion that you're allowed to post whatever you want on this site. This is absurd, illogical and inappropriate in the extreme - if a paedophile came onto the site and started promoting child ***********, would you tell us to leave him be because what he writes is "real"?<br />
<br />
I don't mind someone expressing their sexual side, but the extent to which this site has decended into a medium of sexual fetishism is quite disturbing. The idea that people shouldn't be reading these stories doesn't hold water - this is a website open to public to join and everybody has a right to respond to your stories in any civil way they want. Some of the stories you write can validly be found vulgar and offensive by women, and I don't blame them; really, when you write a story about your wife engaging in particularly hardcore sexual activities, what kind of message does that send out to the rest of the website? These people have the right to feel comfortable in joining a website where they're not going to have degrading sexual stories waiting around every corner for them. Really, posting stories of what you like to see happening to your wife is anything but facilitative for their integration on the website - everything on this site is our business and therefore you must take responsibility for the content and nature of your stories. <br />
<br />
We all have the right to disagree and if you I won't want to see the back of a person because I disagree with them or I think they're stories are a little sexual. Explicit sexual fantasies, however, I take big issue with and so do a lot of people on this website - are you not aware that some of these sexual groups advocate very graphic degradation of women? That others meanwhile have members who post links to **** sites? That there even some that are very slyly and indirectly paedophilic? I think I'm more than entitled to say that this kind of subject matter doesn't belong on Experience Project and its very presence makes a mockery of the ideals of this site. If you can't handle people judging you, then you're certainly not doing yourself any favours with all your judgements on this page. This site doesn't revolve around you and if you want to write about your sexual fantasies, set up your own private website and exclude me and the majority of Experience Project from viewing it. The mature section was set up for a reason, and that's to facilitate discussion about topics which are a little too adventurous for common parlance. It was not, however, set up so people can write lewd sexual fantasies. Really, what are you thinking?<br />
<br />
I recommend you think about how appropriate your stories are for this site before you start jumping on your moral high-horse and insinuating that the people who flag your stories are acting like children. Remember, there are other people using this website and they have a right not to see lewd stories and groups appearing in their search results and recommendations. If these people are "judgemental witches", maybe you ought to check your own judgementalism and stop playing the victim. If you can't handle the fact that people are going to be offended by your stories, then I'd very much advocate that you join another site instead. I can assure you nobody from this site is going to bother you there.

I get answers right away and love EP so much. I'm getting ready to rewrite this story... since I have decided that I can't stand the thought of leaving. I suspect there is a bit of censoring going on... but now that enough people know about the witch hunters that tricked them into it ... they are going to behave like adults and stop messing with EP. I suspect that when these ladies flag your stories, EP automatically hides them from the public until they can get around to reviewing them. A daunting task if you consider the size of the sight. So the ladies enjoy the feeling of accomplishment until the light of truth is shined on them.

EPArisneh is an accomplished diplomat and entirely too pretty to maintain an anger about anything when she walks in the room! Several more stories that did not depict violence or abuse of animals disappeared last night. More of my friends will find their stories are no longer available to the public as the EP "bug" cleans the servers. Please don't get angry and quit ... they'll get it fixed.

Least you could do, married2bf, is give them a chance. Somebody from EP, EPArsineh, actually responded and asked you to give them more information so they can look into it. Give 'em a chance, eh? They can't fix it if you go all passive-aggressive and don't provide them with details.

Thanks for posting your concern. EP hasn't made any recent changes to it's terms of service and we haven't applied a heavy censorship model. There have been no recent changes that would cause blocks like the ones you describe, that's why we'd love to get more information and investigate possible bugs. <br />
<br />
We do have blocks in place to prevent minors from viewing mature content, which I'm sure you can appreciate. <br />
<br />
If your content wasn't a direct violation of EP terms it would not be removed. Also, if it was removed, which we do on rare occasions, you would have received a message from EP informing you of the community guideline that was violated.<br />
<br />
Please email EP Support to discuss your specific story in detail. A title to the story would be helpful. We'll then be happy to investigate and hopefully help you find your post.

I'd say cackling witches who go into groups that disgust them and flag stories of people who have blocked them are more in violation of the mission of EP than the authors who believed the bit about <strong>contribute without hesitation and fear of judgment</strong>. Wouldn't you?