New Gestures Coming Soon!

Many of you have had some fun and unique gesture suggestions over the last couple of months.

Later this week, we'll be introducing a new set of gestures.  We'll be adding gestures suggested by the community.  Of course we can't include all the suggestions we've received, this time around, but we'll include as many as we can.

We'll be review the 'gestures' forum posted within this group, so if  you haven't already, please submit your suggestion!


EPArsineh EPArsineh
31-35, F
2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Sounds exciting. I like when there's more options. :~)

can't wait!! 'gestures' is one of my favorite ways to communicate with my pals. so, there is still time to suggest some new ones?<br />
thanks so much for all that yall do. this place means the world to me. sunni