What Happened To The "not Me" Button

There used to be a button on each group after the "Me, Too" and "Plan To" buttons that said "Not Me" that gave us a chance to show that we do not agree with that group but without causing any strife with anyone.  It gave us a chance to show people who we are by saying who we are not/saying what we do not agree with.  It was a benign button that enabled us to express our thoughts in a nonconfrontational manner.  What happened to that button?  I, for one, miss it.  Now you have to join the group to put a story which says to those looking at your profile that you feel one way when, in fact, you feel the opposite.  Can we get that button back?????????
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Oh, but if I push the not me button about dinner, then I get you to fix it and you do take out so very well. None can compare!

Yes, but you would have too much fun using it and the next thing I know it would be time to fix supper and you'd be mashing the "Not Me"... then I'd be forced to starve to death, since mine is broken and in the permanent pressed position on that subject.

So you don't want to improve ep, you want to improve me!! Only if we can draw a "not me" button! I did not say we had to use the not me button though!!!

Can we pop over to WalMart and buy some blue markers? We were talking about polka dots long before she ... interupted ... I have a fantasy involving the aquisition of blue dots.

Oh, I do not care about her comment---the blue dot just slips away into the trash! :)

Well, that was a thread stopper. I hope you blocked that insane lady. I saw that she went through several of your stories and called you all sorts of vile things. I am truly sorry to have brought you to a place where people are allowed to behave and speak like this. Did you forward her vile email to them? <br />
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I suppose this lady needs to use the now missing "Not Me" button in a lot of areas- can't imagine ob<x>jections to this sort of thread though, but that just goes to show why you shouldn't let folks burn books... they'll start by burning the insane books and end up burning <i>Huck Finn</i> and the <i>Bible</i>.

Thank you nudeal and brieks! Married, you would have noticed them if they had said "random sexual positions"!!!!

I never noticed the random suggestions! :)

I liked the "not me" button too because once you hit "not me" for a group, that group didn't pop up in the random suggestions for you again.

Polka dots! Yes please! Let's draw some on your arms and arms to go with your hair! Then we can go out and get a bit tipsy and every time you move I'll wonder what's going on!<br />
<br />
I'm just as glad the Not Me button is gone even though I used it several times. There was no real point ... except that on the page, people could click and see who voted against a group. I clicked "Not Me" for the sexless marriage group... but like only 5 people had done so. The score was like 5000 to 5... Pretty unrealistic sample ... so I agree with EP ... not so fun.

But what if I do not plan to, I just want to say not me, I do not agree with this and move on so that those who look at my profile realize that I do not have polka dotted hair, for example, but do not want to go into the group to stir things up and do not plan on having polka dotted hair (though come to think about it, I wonder what that would be like...!! Nah, I do not plan on that!!!)

Smiling unfortunately the majority of the community wasn't using these button and instead they caused confusion. We've removed them and will be introducing better ways to say 'plan too' in the future.