Groups Under Siege And Other Worries.

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to have a 'Not for me' option on the suggestion box? I occasionally get recommendations for groups or members that are really not to my taste, it would nice to be able to just say "No thanks!" then not have that particular member/group/thing recommended again. I think such a tool would also help refine the suggestion box to make more suitable suggestions. 


On a more serious note, can you please clarify for me EP's position on whether proselytism is acceptable on this site? I see that number three in the community guidelines state that "Political campaigning, religious preaching, and commercial advertisements in any site content, including private messages, is not allowed." 

But since your response to a story asking for help with the constant religious bombardment of atheist groups was "Personal attacks are not tolerated on EP. If a person is posting stories to a group which attacks the group for their beliefs the post will be removed. We welcome differences in opinions and perspectives but when this becomes a personal attack, EP staff will step in." I can't help but think that perhaps you are missing the point. when it comes to atheist or religious groups, posting a difference of opinion is disrespectful. There is no reason to post religious content in an atheist group (Or visa vie) unless it is an attempt to convert, and this is offensive. Very offensive. 

Recently the amount of theists preaching in our groups has got to a point where I tense up every time I see a new story has been posted in an atheist group... I am worried as I click the link that it will be yet another person pushing their beliefs onto people that have already made their opinions clear. Worse than that, more often than not, it is! If you don't believe me, go check out the 'I Don't Believe In God Group' the entire first page is currently taken up by theists attempting to convert the members. Now I welcome people that simply wish to ask questions or understand, but that is not what the very vast majority of these members are about. At the level that it is currently, it truly feels as if the atheists on this site are under constant siege. We are under attack and nothing is being done about it! 

If you feel (as I do) that this behaviour is unacceptable, and that this site should reflect and respect the fact that freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion, then allow me to make the following suggestions;

  1. A clear, stand alone rule on the TOC that states proselytism is not allowed.
  2. A Proselytism option to click when flagging.
  3. Such flags being taken seriously and reacted to accordingly. 
If you don't start taking this problem seriously you could find yourself losing a lot of members to Atheist Nexus. 

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5 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Flagging inappropriate posts is the best way to reach EP staff. Currently you can flag it as inappropriate, since we want avoid creating too many specific categories and complicating the process. Please use the description box to explain why the story is being flagged. <br />
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We want to keep EP a positive environment so please don't ignore members who behaved inappropriately. We want to hear from you and to address these situations.

Huge smile ... because you and I are opposites again. I have to admit that when I try to post Christian stuff in christian groups, I got a lot of grief from non believers... but they didn't post stories against me... just gave me opportunities to delete and block.<br />
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But seriously ... I know your issue - if you don't know Bitlord and his conduct - he spent all last weekend spamming the "I believe Barack Obama is Dangerous to Our Country" with very vile stories. i guess I'm a bit more on your side and I do like your soft approach. But you also caught me at a time when I've just personally effected by inappropriate use of the flagging system - so I'm thin skin on censorship now.<br />
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I sitll don't think you have to read their puke, BUT - I see your point. In my EP world, we often get people who are very excited and post the same story to like 20 - 30 groups. The email is annoying and if you don't click the link in EP's email, they'll consider you unsubscribed from a group. So Joe kissed his wife last week and I end up having to view his story 30 times to make sure that when Sam kisses his wife I'll get to read his one story.

I'm a Christian (don't pick on me for my sexuality ... not here to argue) As a Christian I wrote a "Christian Hush Up" blog that I pop over to and paste in when people start preaching at me. I love your idea of adding the Proselytism flag ... but shouldn't the moderator of the story simply delete the comment? And if a Proselytist posts to a group... can't you keep from reading it? And third ... the block button is an effective way to keep undesirables off of your posts! :) Go ahead... try it with me... I will respect you for it!<br />
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Oh and 4th!! If anti group stories were all deleted, poor bitlord would lose most of his content!!

Agreed, the facts are there.

Ahmen<br />
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Sorry, couldn't resist.<br />
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Ep miss the point most of the time. Even with a sight mounted sligshot