A Little Frustrating

Earlier today, I shared a story with the "I Am Christian" group; in it, I wrote about my views on the word "hell." After I published it, I wondered why it never showed up in the group. I know sometimes it takes a while to take effect and show up, but I waited quite a while, going elsewhere and coming back to check it again. Finally I hit "View More Stories" to see if my story might show up that way.....it did. I realize the reason it wouldn't show up on the main page, even though it's the most recent story in the group, is because it's been automatically labeled with a red stop sign and a warning that it might have mature content!!

Did the word "hell" trigger that??
Will some people with strong filters or who are minors not be able to see my story just because of that word?
Is there any way this flag can be removed?

If something else is "wrong" with my story, please let me know what it is. EP Link

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The mature flag was automatically placed on your story when our filter was triggered by and 'adult' word. In this case it may have been 'hell' <br />
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Though your story wasn't inappropriate our filter is not sophisticated enough to recognize that.<br />
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Sorry for the frustration. Your story can still be viewed by the community.

You may not realize that you have an enemy or stalker because there are some on ep who feel that it is their mission to clean up the garbage from ep and flag what they do not want to have on here. They have gotten stories, groups, and people deleted quickly. No system is perfect and ep, like each person on it, has their flaws but at this point, they are worth their flaws.

Thanks for that, married2bf. =)<br />
I probably have an enemy on EP; there are certainly those I don't get along with, but I don't think I'm overly disagreeable. My "hell" story seemed to be flagged as soon as I posted it. I don't think I have an EP stalker lol. Who knows, maybe an EP admin can remove the flag if they deem the story appropriate.

Your "little" story might not reach but 40 minds... still, any one of those 40 minds could be moved to something and reach 90 minds and one of them... <br />
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Hell's not the trigger. Have you made an enemy here? Could someone be stalking you and flagging you stories?

Also, I wonder why if "hell" is the trigger for the flag, why this story goes through just fine. Cuz hell isn't in the title, maybe? I don't know. I'm just gonna start thinking out loud even more if I keep typing lol. =P

Not that I have such a big ego and think my story is all super awesome and everyone should read it, but I dislike the fact that it's probably getting filtered out in some cases because it "might" contain mature content. Yeah, a serious discussion on hell is a mature thing, but not in the same sense as many stories that are marked "mature," and it's not something that shouldn't be seen, etc.

Yeah probably---I just wish there was something we could do about it when it's NOT something inappropriate.


Hell shouldn't be a problem... my stories are vulgar and they show. Your story is on public view... I can see it. Good Luck.

Well, maybe it wasn't "hell" that triggered the flag---this story has that word and it's posting perfectly fine.