I Think This Is A Good Idea.

this is the first time im gonna leave an opinion...... i think in confessions there should be an anonymous only section of confessions and non-anonymous only section, i think it would drop the drama alot in confessions. that is all.
Doxtah Doxtah
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i tried that too and it was fail, but i never thought i would get my way really, but it was worth a shot.

i never wanted the anonymousness to be taken away, i just wanted a separation of the two of some sort, but its all good, no matter how i look at it, it would fail.

Though we won't be taking away the option to post anonymously since this helps members express themselves.<br />
<br />
That said, we do have a number of filtering options available. You can hide off-topic confessions and/or anonymous posts by choosing these options under 'filters' on the top of the confessions page.

thank you brieks, now im gonna have to think up a way it could even be done, im sure the anon section, if they wanted to could still cause drama with people considering people will be going back and fourth between them, maybe im just thinking way too far ahead of myself. :/

I agree, JB. <br />
Some people post confessions anonymously because they really have something to say that they're too embarrassed, bashful, or even ashamed to attach their username to, but they want to get it off their chest.<br />
Other people post anonymous confessions in order to "stir the pot".<br />
I'm not a regular confession-reader anymore like I used to be, but when I do go there, so many are anonymous anymore! I'm all for at least having the option to separate them out from the non-anonymous ones.

even myself wouldnt even know how good it would work or how it could even be done, like im sure people could still mess things up when you got people jumping back and fourth between the sections. call me high if you want, but it could possibly save a friendship or relationship from gettin messed up also.

yeah, but its bullshit when people in confessions can go anonymous and cause chaos and confusion, thats why it should be separated, im sure it wont happen but it would be nice if it could.