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I am a newbie here on EP. I can't find any spot that can show me how to use the sight. For example, what is a "nod?" How do I read comments left on my own blog? Where do I find the information about the a site map? What is the difference between a blog and sharing an experience? Can I see if someone else is subscribed to my blog?

I would like to use the site to the fullest...and a little more explanation would be great. I do read the info sent to my inbox and I keep the ones I think I may reference again.

Thanks for providing a safe outlet. Thanks!
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Thanks to all! I am still checking things out. Your comments and suggestions are helpful...and welcome!<br />
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Thanks agian!

A lot of people here would be happy to try and answer any questions you have. Read some stories. Find some folks you like and comment and write. Most of us are happy to help.

As you're getting settled in at EP consider joining groups that interest you. This is one of the best ways to meet people who share your experiences. <br />
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Do this by clicking "groups" on the header at the top of your homepage, then select "search groups". Once you've joined groups, consider sharing a story within them. Choose 'share' on the group page. <br />
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Add members to your circle, if you like what their posting or would like to get to know them better. Do this by visiting their profile page and choosing 'add to circle' located below their profile picture/logo.