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It appears, that people are not informed about their answers being chosen as the best anymore. I also didn't get a memo about this change... so, at first I thought people didn't like my answers anymore lol but it turns out they still do, I just don't get any notification about that. I alway liked that little info at the start of my day. Getting up and seeing you helped somebody, with what you wrote a few days ago, gives you a good feeling. And now nobody get's this anymore.

I can choose to get a notification anytime somebody posts an answer to one of my questions, which I could easily look up by myself, when ever I want to. I also get a notification about today being "Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day", which is not as important to me as one might imagine... But when my support, advice, wit or humor is honored, by choosing my answer as the best, I receive no notification about that and have to check every question I answered by hand, just to see, if the asker already picked a best answer or not. This concept is a little off and should be rethought.

Thank you in advance.
Spann0r Spann0r
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Our engineers are investigating the issue and you should be receiving notifications again soon.

I still get both notifications...both best answers chosen by voting and chosen by the asker. I can tell the difference because when it's chosen by voting, it says "Your answer is the best," while when it's actually picked by the asker, it says something like "You have best answer for _______."

I couldn't find anything in the settings regarding this problem. :-/<br />
This BA you got, was it chosen by asker or voting? The last few I got were all decided by voting. Then it went quiet... another user also told me, he didn't receive BA-notifacations since that new chat-bar at the bottom showed up. So I figured it was part of the same update.<br />
He gave me BA, but I didn't get the usual notification, then today I got some other one and again it was just chosen by voting, not by asker.<br />
<br />
So it appears to me, it's a bit more specific. We get informed about BA chosen by voting, just not about those chosen by asker. (which I feel are more interessting to hear about)