Another Reason To Resurect The "not Me" Button

I know it's been posted before, that it would be nice to have a "Not Me" button on the experience groups again.
I also know it was taken off because not many people used it (if I remember correctly).
But I've thought of another reason to bring it back:
First of all, saying "not me" to a group, is--in a small way--like making a stand to say, "No, that's not me." or "I haven't done that" or "I disagree". Also, in clicking "not me", it would prevent that group from popping up in random suggestions for that person again.
I think "not me" should be resurrected so that it will also block certain group polls from showing up in the "suggestions for you" box. EVERY DAY, I get a "Suggestion" to answer a poll from some group about people being sexually attracted to their sisters. The questions range from dating sisters to kissing them to having sex with them! I really would not like to have that pop up every day. I would definitely like to be able to say "NOT ME!!!" to that group!
At the least, I think there should be a way to block certain groups from popping up in "suggestions for you" like that.

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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Thanks Arsineh, I appreciate it, and I'm sure others will too. =)

Thanks for sharing this post. Though the 'not me' option proved to be confusing to some and unused by many, I understand why you want it back.<br />
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We'll work on creating better filtering tools so you can see groups that are of interest to you can you can eliminate groups you don't enjoy from popping up through out the site or from being suggested to you.<br />
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Very good point. We'll get started on this filtering tool, right away.