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Judging from a Question posted earlier today and its answers, the majority of EP member who answered don't seem to like the fact that our stories and blogs come up in Google searches......even when profiles are set to the "discreet" mode! Members whose profiles are "discreet" especially don't seem to want their EP writings available to search engines. Some have posted here, trusting their secrets to EP....thus feeling betrayed to discover it's available on Google!
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On the flip side of the coin, EP gains more publicity by allowing members' stories to be found on search engines; in fact, that's how I discovered EP. But I believe those who have "discreet" profiles should not have their writings available to search engines. Some people would really prefer not to be found by someone using a search engine.

Maybe have another option where a member can decide if his/her EP posts are available to search engines? Or maybe go by each individual story itself---having an option available to the writer to "hide" it from search engines?
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

We want all our members to feel comfortable sharing on EP. Those who want extra privacy can set their accounts to discreet meaning your friends and family can't find your account by searching for your email address. Members who want their accounts to be public and would like to connect with existing friends can choose to set their account to public.<br />
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Google crawls all story pages so you may see it pop up as a search result but as long as your account is set to discreet and you choose a username that doesn't identify you as an individual, your post remains anonymous. <br />
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We encourage members NOT to post personal information within stories such as names, etc. We want you to have as much anonymity as you need to feel comfortable sharing and connecting with others.