1. A Few Quirks To Work Out. 2.some Suggestions On Mood Ideas.

1. So I'm browsing the confessions last night.  I wanted to find a confession in which someone had replied to in a separate anonymous confession, so I ran a search.  I select several I wanted to read, and I right click on the individual titles and select 'open in new tab.' When I went to one of these tabs, this notice in a red box showed up on the top of the page:

"You cannot delete someone else's confession. This attempt has been logged for investigation. Code 412"  

OK, that was WEIRD!  

I posted a confession to this fact, and received responses from other EP members who state that sometimes you cannot delete your own confessions as an ANON and that when trying to comment on a confession, a red box warning like this showed up as well.

2. Suggestion for moods to be included in the "Update Your Mood":

I'd like to see some more options, such as my top favorites that I always look for, only to find these are not available:  Awesome, Fabulous, Peachy, Pissy and Sexy.

Others which could be added as well:
Dumbfounded, Bittersweet, Va-Va-Va-Voom!, Frenzied,  Capricious, Unpredictable, Labile, Famished, Divisive, Vulnerable and Invisible. 
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

Thanks for this post. I like the mood suggestions you've made and think they'll be nice additions.<br />
<br />
We're reviewing the issues you discussed regarding anonymous confessions and commenting and hope to have this resolved soon. If you see this error message again, please email EP Support.