Marvelous Site That Is Not Being Used To Its Full Potential.

I have been a member for quite some time now and as I have often stated in my posts this is an excellent site which has helped me personally in so many ways.I have opted to remain anonymous as none of my family and friends know I use it,therefore I have the ability to be brutally honest about my life's experiences,good and bad without fear of being revealed.There is nothing I have posted that I am ashamed of however some things regarding family issues are best kept quiet.

Over the years I have bottled up so many emotions and frustrations it has been a wonderful release to be able to rid myself of these feelings on this site.Many of my postings/stories are serious issues that have formed the person that I am,some not out of choice.

I am not writing this about me,just some random thoughts regarding how the experience project could be made even better.That in itself is a hard task to achieve as in its short lifespan it has evolved so quickly into a wonderful model that other better known sites are casting envious eyes in this direction.

I feel that a lot of the members tend to stick only to the questions and answers side of things and that is such a waste to devote all ones time to just one section of the project.I see members with huge numbers of experiences however when I look a little closer at their profile they have not posted any stories to back up those experiences and I feel that is such a waste,to learn someones character they need to share.I also notice that the persons who do take time out to write an experience very few take the time to post a comment on it.

Clearly the vast majority are most comfortable with asking or answering questions,that is great however the site has so much more to offer.Confessions,another area rarely used.If we are going to stick with questions and answers then I feel the rules must be adhered to,all too often they are broken.I often see members names used in Questions,this is prohibited as it can lead to bullying.I flag questions where names are used and here comes my only issue with the staff of EP,there is never any feedback in my experience.
The rules are in place to protect us all so there is no shame in flagging a question that is breaking these rules.Swearing is common however the author cleverly mispells the word to avoid detection.Fake accounts,where one person has a multiple of accounts with EP is increasing,I do let EP know,however once again no feedback.

My issues are minor,EP is doing a fantastic job,the site layout is very easy to use and there are so many features to explore I often see hours pass in the blink of an eye.Well done to the EP team,it is my pleasure to be a member of your site and I always try to remain within the boundaries.I feel you could relieve some of your workload to some of the volunteers who are willing and capable and this would leave you more time to reply to specific enquireies and suggestions,I did send you mail on this issue however I had no feedback.Let me make myself absolutely clear,EP staff are running this site with improvements all the time to an excellent standard,ten out of ten.This posting just raises minor points that follow the title page,I Want to Improve the Experience Project.My regards to the whole EP team,garvan.
garvan garvan
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Arsineh,I know you all do a tremendous job,and I thank you for all the hard work you do.

We do our best to respond to all requests promptly. I'm sorry to hear that you've received that impression. We'll work harder. Please continue to email support anytime you have a question or concern. Unfortunately, in the case of member flags we don't have the opportunity to respond to each member though we do review each flag and investigate the accounts and member behavior.