I have two points to make, which I feel, and Im sure many others do too, that need to be addressed.

EP Link

The above link is to a member, who I am not picking on, but using as an example. I relate back to a while ago where my fully clothed avatar was repeatedly taken down, and I was threatened to be banned, because "she looks naked". I then sent ep and ep Arsineh (sp) a long list of links for profiles with naked avatars, as I was told that's what I should do. I got one response, telling me thank you and to keep doing it, that the avatars had been removed. They're still there, today, after at least two/three months of when the emails were sent.

I will use that avatar, again, which shows a woman fully clothed. If it is taken down, then it just proves that you do pick and choose who you listen to on here.


Jake London, who is clearly scamming, using and copying stories, from under many different names. Many of us have talked to you directly about them, and he has also contacted many of us to help him with this amazing book.

Why is he still here?

This is a public site, and our work is not copywritten, however, something that open surely cannot be right.....
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The system is abused, it's passed fixing

i have a 6yr old daughter who frequently walks by the computer while i'm on EP. i shouldn't have to worry about what she's going to see if i click on a member's profile if i like a story or something. there have been times when i've had to turn my monitor off b/c my computer was too slow in navigating away from that page.<br />
<br />
seriously...there's too much of it here. i've come to the conclusion that reporting and flagging are useless and members, like lala, get the shaft when trying to post a more than decent pic. if hers is taken down for "looking" naked, then why the hell can't the ones that ARE naked be taken down? baffles me

I have had contact with "Jake London", a very carefully chosen name, by the way. I have come to the conclusion that he is one of three things.<br />
1. A sociopath that just likes to manipulate other EP members and collect as many "friends" as possible, I mean, how can you keep up with 5,000 "friends". The man has contributed 3 stories.<br />
2. Some retired schoolmarm that requires ************ material.<br />
3. A graduate student working on his doctoral thesis. You can bet good money it has "gullible" somewhere in the title.<br />
What does everyone else think about the "great Jake London"?


And there is definitely an imbalance with rule enforcement concerning avatars.

Wow, and you know what's bad too? JakeLondon is an EP VOLUNTEER! I just saw it on the People page!<br />
I would love to see EP get a little more tighter with who can be a volunteer on this site.

You try to remove as little as possible...yet twice now, within minutes, I have had clothed avatars removed...........

Lala... you and I know this has been going on for years. sigh.... yesterday (or the day before) I blocked someone who had naked male genitalia that was still.... ummmm... how to say this... ummm... fresh from a session of self-love and dripping... (BLECH!)<br />
<br />
THAT is up on EP but a pic of yours that "looks"naked has to come down?????<br />
<br />

We're in the process of removing the 'jakelondon' account.<br />
<br />
We try to remove as little as possible and like to allow members to express themselves through their avatars. That said if there is nudity on a public areas of the site, we'll have it removed because if violates EP community guidelines.

I understand that, about Jake London, but it's on the verge of spamming with the amount of blogs etc.. that go up, with the repeated content. <br />
<br />
As for the male genitals...I cant even look at some without feeling sick. There are private photo albums for that kind of stuff.

I don't see how that decision is made either lala ... nudity in avatars is either allowed or it isn't. There are still many many male avatars which are just genitals too. <br />
<br />
As for Jake London ... I don't know ... he obviously thinks he is onto a winner by trying to get us to write a book for him ... and this is a good source of writers afterall. I don't know where that stands in terms of being allowed on EP ... trying to recruit anyone on here for anything is probably not kosher ...but if people respond and send him stuff it's their choice. As for copyright ... yes, it would be easy to copy stuff over and pass it on as your own ... or indeed to publish in some other format and sell it. But that's true of anything you write on the net. And no-one needs permission or to recruit you to plagiarise our stuff after all.