Randome Experience Button....

I know I just wrote/created a group about this idea, but I am going to post my story here too.

I know that EP is always trying to Improve the site and all, but why did they go and get rid of something that was nothing wrong with it, all so they can make the site look more pretty????

I miss having the random experience button at the top of the page, when I want to write, and I'm stuck on what I should write, I have always Loved using that button. it was one of my favorite parts of Ep, but now it is gone!

I am sure others Liked this feature too. It was a good feature to have!

Ep please bring it back!!!

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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Thanks for this post! You can still take a look at a random story by clicking 'random story' under the story tab on the site header.<br />
<br />
We reduced the size of the header because we wanted to give members more room to see the stories, confession, etc. that they maybe reading. This has been a regular request from the community for some time. <br />
<br />
That said, if there's anything that was useful to you that's been removed, please continue to let us know. We're trying to make things better for you and our members so if we left something else out, let us know.