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I love being an EP Volunteer, and I take it seriously.
However, it seems there are some issues with the Volunteer system. I know others have mentioned it before, and I'm going to post another story on it after I just saw something a few minutes ago and commented on another story about it.
I hate to name a name because I know EP prefers that I DON'T name names in stories, and I try not to, but I'm going to do it here because it's the truth, and someone else was sucessfully able to without getting in trouble. Like she said, she's not picking on this particular member.
I have read EPArsineh's comment that the "jakelondon" account is being removed. That means he obviously did something wrong here on EP....probably repeatedly because I know it takes something major for EP to actually REMOVE an account. That being said, I went to the People page, and who was the first person to show up as an EP Volunteer? JakeLondon! I really think this is another example that supports the idea other EP members have had that EP is not strict enough about who can be a Volunteer. People will see volunteers' names on the People page and believe those people can be trusted. I'm sure many volunteers CAN be trusted, but I think any EP volunteer's record should be in good standing----not pristine because everyone makes mistakes, but it should be good still. I think perhaps there should be an application process too that even existing volunteers should have to fill out. I would willingly do it, and I think it should be done.
Please consider this suggestion. The Internet can be a dangerous place, so I think EP should make sure that their volunteers are "safe" people.
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Hey Andrew =) Thanks for commenting. Your story was one of the ones I had in mind when I was writing my own story. <br />
I'm definitely looking forward to EP Volunteers being held to higher standards.

Thanks, that'll be great

Thanks for this post. We do have minimum requirements in place to become a volunteers and we are working on ways to regularly review volunteers to make sure that their behaving appropriately and being a positive example for others.<br />
<br />
If a member himself is a violator of EP terms they'll be removed as a volunteers. In the case you pointed out we are not only removing this member from his volunteer post but we are also removing his account.