Want to know what is the highest commented on story of all time here on EP....... Deleted or not.....
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ah ok

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Meaning that the most commented story feature only encompasses the past 6 months, or at least that was the way it was set up. Originally, you could see the highest rated, read, and commented on story for the life of EP; however that was changed some time last year and it became the top in the last 6 months. I am not sure how it is set up now. <br />
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Lala, I remember her story was in the Top 10 but it wasn't the "Top Story"... It was certainly VideoDemon's story. Pix did have a story on there too but she wasn't at the top nor was I.

I thought it was one of flutterbly's...about being stubborn.

@FG - what do you mean 6 month cycle?

the one i remember being commented on a LOT was BlueGeorgia's 'i'm in your pants and' story. i forget how many it has, but it was quite a number lol

Never heard of video demon... So I will take your word for it....LOL....<br />
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FG has a lot of comments on everything Pix.... *wink* But you do to baby!!!!

Well....I would think it would be one of FG's ...... ;-)

Yes, I think it belonged ti Video Demon when you could still see those stories. I think it is on a 6 month cycle now isn't it?