*stands In Front Of Audience*

    I've always said "To each their own." And I truly do think that. EVERYONE deserves a chance in life. From the greatest saint to the lowest criminal. Everyone has worth...even IF you have to search for it with an electron microscope...... Everybody has meant something to SOMEONE.

   That being said...EP is a community. Like all communities there are younger people here. So let me ask you something people. Look around and see some of the lower class of epeeps here. Pedo and rapist wannabes. ****** loving, cruelty preaching, argument provoking TROLLS. Think of your children, neices, nephews, younger siblings. Do you want THEM to read what gets posted here? Or *gasps* fall victim to the people who are stalking this site for their latest target?

   Every year dozens of children are kidnapped, sodomized, beaten, and killed. And guess what? Not all of them are taken from the mall or on their way to school. Many are lured out by posers from sites JUST LIKE THIS ONE!!

   So what can we do? I say flagging should mean something here. As adults with younger friends we have a responisbiltiy to watch out for them. If someone is flagged say....5 times. At the very least their account should be frozen until EP moderators can review the accusations. Yeah nothing will stop them from making a new account and doing it again. BUT we will keep them away for a while right?

   Who's with me?
luckypickle luckypickle
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Thanks for the post and for sharing your concern.<br />
<br />
Keeping EP a safe and positive space is a priority for us. We have a number of filters in place for minors. <br />
<br />
Even adults who don't want to be expose to mature/adult content can turn on their adult filter or profanity filter by visiting account settings off their profile page. <br />
<br />
EP will suspend, remove, or permanently ban a member based on their behavior. In some serious situations we have contacted authorities.<br />
<br />
Our flagging tool is also very helpful and helps us address hundred of concerns a day. It really does make a difference and I encourage you to continue using this tool and helping EP staff keep EP a safe environment. <br />
<br />
Though freezing an account is likely to result in abuse of the tool we are working to improving flagging and introduce additional useful tools.

But sadly there are 13 and 14 year old kids here. And they have no learned to be careful. Yes...grown women have have the same thing happen. As have grown men. That isn't the point though.

That is the point! Some can read through that and stop it from happening though.

Thank you DF. I knew you'd have my back.

i am with you luckypickle hun, we need safety measurs on here.

I wish I knew 1ora :(<br />
<br />
<br />
Oooh let me see.

you are most certainly not alone LP! posted a story myself...just can't stand what EP is becoming any longer

Hehe. Thanks Om!!

I'm right behind ya, Cap'n Pickle :}.

That's fine. Just knowing I don't stand alone works.

this is going to make me have to write a story i'm afraid lol which i'm not sure would do any good, but at least *I* will feel better...and hopefully EP will listen to US again someday :/

*applauds Kinky*

What i don't get is how SO many of us are posting stories like this and yet EP still does NOTHING. to hell with the new improvements...addressing THESE issues would be the best improvement of all. we can deal with the site, as is, and EP should take what we say into consideration. the more i read of this, the more disappointed and pissed off i get that EP is doing nothing about it.

Hahah!! With a badge!

You're welcome :) I say we need Troll Patrol!

Thanks :D

I agree. They could at least limit the number of questions a person could ask a day. Say 2 or 3? Unfortunately there will always be trolls seeking no less than attention from people. The best thing we can do is to not give them that attention by responding to their posts and, like you said, to flag them.

Cool! Thanks for the back up hon :D

I'm with you!!<br />
If you come across something pretty bad on this site that needs flagged, and you feel you need another voice to join yours, PM me about it and I will flag it too!

Hehe thanks CJ. :)

HERE HERE!! AMEN!!<br />
<br />
*Stands on table and whistles loudly*

Which is why the profile should need to be flagged repeatedly for someone to be banned. JUST until they can take a look.<br />
<br />
Thanks David.

Aye true that. :(