New Look

I've always liked new things here. The new story and profile and confessions page layouts were good, but please, this brand new EP look does not suit this place.

Sure this look is contemporary. But the all bleached, washed out look is a bit too business-like or should i say hospital-like for a place where you name the log in button as welcome home and tell us that you'll keep the lights on for us when we log out.

Maybe this is an entirely visual person's ranting, but please warm this place up a bit. The old look was much better. A bit of colour on EP's face(or header) would make it look more warm.

Hope you get what i'm trying to say.

FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
26-30, M
3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Hijacking the post? i don't think so. Sure it was meant to be a rant about the visuals but its good to read actual problems because they certainly have affected people and badly.<br />
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Yeah long stories look too long and the layout looks too test drive type.<br />
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Oh the Q and A?? Yeah i stopped visitng that page too much because people are mostly just wasting their time there with stupid and rude questions. <br />
Confessions i already think is kind of crazy because no one knows what's going on.<br />
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I think the problem is, too many people have too much time to become fakes and trolls and haunt the space and tease people most of whose names and faces they don't even know. I know social networking sites are tough to manage because of the large number of visitors and anyone can create an account and pose to be something they're not.<br />
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But really, flagging, blocking and stuff should be more efficient here because this is EP. Its special to everyone here.

The problem I have with this new look that is still festering is the fact that stories don't wrap around the tools section - the way they used to do.<br />
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The column looks very stingy and when you're long winded like me, long posts look exhausting to readers.<br />
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But yes, more important than looks are the people. EP needs to really take actions when it comes to trolls and spammers. I did a search for an assignment a client gave me yesterday and some of the queries I did led me to EP's Q & A and I felt like I got the perspective of a newcomer and it really saddened me.<br />
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If I were a person newly introduced to EP at this stage, from that section I landed, I would've crossed off the site as a joke.<br />
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I'm sorry but it really did feel that way. (And sorry for hijacking your post too, Wall.) The concept behind this site is so great I was so proud of being a part of it but not so much these days.

Well that is true. I've never experienced any of those problems but really, more work is required on the issues not the looks.