What Feature Would You Most Like to See In 2008?

Hi Team EP-Improvers,

So we thought it would be fun (and informative!) to ask:

What feature at EP would you most like to see in 2008?

And to make this something we can work off of for our own planning, please choose only ONE thing (just for the purposes of this thread-- you're of course always welcome to post ANY feature request as a story in the I want to Improve EP group!).

Maybe it's being able to click 'last comment' on the stories in your feed, maybe it's chat, maybe...? You let us know! We can't promise to get you everything, but you know dang well that we will do our best stay-up-20-straight-hours-programming-weekeend?-what-weekend? to improve the community! :)
ExperienceProject ExperienceProject 26-30, M 68 Responses Dec 21, 2007

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Jim....all your stories can be seen in "my stories" link from your profile....

all you need do for editing a comment is click in the can then edit to your hearts content....

Maybe some kind of instant chat, that would be nice....

Customizable profile pages.

allow us to search people by their age group so we can find out who is on our age level and we can relate and converse together better.

I would like to upgrade the gestures to include "flash" "MMMM" Slap" " spank" etc... I would like the gestures to be available to add within the body of your email anf the comments that are added. Sound for each of the gestures would also be awesome.

Oh I thought you meant for the world so I had to rethink my answer. I'm fairly new here and am amazed by what I do see.

Answer: more decorative profile options, like in MySpace.

Hay EP Guys!!!! I cant thank you enough for this site.. I visit multiple times daily. I have made friends and found comfort here. I wonder if there is anyway you can add chat rooms for some of the most active experiences, especially I live in a sexless marriage. Keep up the good work, and thanks again... Workerbee....