I Need To Say This But I Doubt I Am Saying Anything New......

Please Listen To What We Are Saying Admin.

When I first joined EP it was in desperation. I needed help and EP was there for me. I found something I needed. I found and amazing bunch of people, who helped me become a person I am starting to like. I found a family, I found friends. I found a place to express myself unlike anythign I had experianced before. And that was barely a year ago.

And I turn to today, and I look what EP has become. Trolls and perverts, disgusting people who's aim on EP is to make people miserable infest this site like a plague. We report and we flag just like we are told to, and yet the very next day I see the same person again. And then again next week.
There are GOOD people on this site, hundreds and hundreds which really make this site what it is. But we are the minority. We are outweighed by the people that we are trying to escape.

All I want to ask is-

  • What is being done?
  • Are the flags and reports being noticed?
  • Is something being done?

The EP I joined wasn't like this. And I didn't join all that long ago.
Admin, we don't care about fancy headers, we don't care about the chat bars and the little things like that.
We DO care about a safe EP, one which we CAN be ourselves, and at the moment, I am seeing nothing being done about that.....

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I can understand what you are saying whowasthatmaskedman, but there is alot of things on here which HAVE to be limited. I am open-minded enough to read most things on here. BUT, there is things which cannot be on a site like this. <br />
You cannot have groups/ stories about raping people, about molesting children and the like. Avatars of genitals which the Admin. at EP have requested NOT to have.<br />
Its these things which I am tired of, the abuse I and alot of others are having to but up with.<br />
Yes, this site does have a good thing going, but its slipping each and every day.

Hi Reece<br />
I share your concerns about the conduct of some people here. But try to remember that sometimes things sail pretty close to the wind in the name of"free speech". Just as we don't want to see people bullied and abused, we also dont want big brother looking over our shoulder every moment. Some people come here with issues they regard as sensitive and they can talk freely because they can remain anonymous. That same anonymity makes it hard to keep ahead of the undesirable elements.<br />
I guess we just have to be a little tolerant of some people and use the system we have. Lets face it, the place must have something going for it or you and I wouldn't be here. Would we?

And I know you guys are working your butts of, believe me when I say I am grateful, but I think you have your priorities wrong. Just get rid of them, no second chances. Everyone knows the rules of this site, we all know what is right and what is unacceptable.

I mean no offence EPArsineh, but I along with many others, have seen nothing of the sort.I have flagged countless people who a breaking the guidelines, the rules which EP has set (vulgar avatars, offensive coments and emails) who have been flagged multiple times by myself and others, and they are still here. How many times, how many flags and reports are needed?

Thanks for the post and for sharing your concern.<br />
<br />
Keeping EP a safe and positive space is a priority for us. We have a number of tools in place but from the community side no one tool is more valuable than flagging.<br />
<br />
EP Staff gets an email when content is flagged and though we may not be able to respond to each email individually we do investigate each flag. If there's a violation of EP terms: if someone is bullying another, or posting personal attacks, or behaving inappropriately in another way we react by addressing the post and possibly suspending, removing, or permanently banning a member. In some serious situations we have contacted authorities. <br />
<br />
Now with all that said, no system is perfect. We're always working to come out with better ways to keep our members safe and to keep EP a comfortable environment. A lot of this happens behind the scenes but I can assure you it's always among our priorities.

It really saddens me because alot of people are leaving because of this.<br />
And I know I am not the only one saying this.<br />
All I am asking is for someone to listen to what we are saying. We try to do the right thing and nothing happens.......

I agree! Definitely!<br />
Please do something EP; those of us posting here are trying to do our parts. I know you want every member to feel at home here, and to give those who messed up chances to improve themselves, but there needs to be a limit....a limit that is lower than whatever the current limit is. This is just happening too much. It seems to take a LONG time and MULTIPLE severe offenses before a person is removed.