The Case Of The Missing Red Arrows :)

i realized a few days ago that the little red arrows indicating gestures, whiteboard messages,etc. were missing!!  who took my arrows? I WANT THEM BACK!!!  really. that was so convenient and it always gives us a little thrill to know someone has been by our profiles and left a 'calling card' of sorts. quite a few of my fellow epers have noticed the same and would like them back.
justsunni justsunni
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6 Responses Aug 9, 2010

oh garvan! i'm sorry, i don't get to read stories like i would like but i promise i will make time to read yours and comment! {{hugs}}

It is always nice to get some sort of recognition.I have written numerous stories,sometimes I wonder why I bother for very very few people can be bothered to leave a comment.

howdy blackdress!! didn't it just give you a lil thrill to see those??!! made you know someone was thinkin of ya!! and i'm ready to get them back!

I noticed this too and really missed it. Thanks for posting Sunni!

well thank ya mam, ms arsineh! it is something i looked forward to and a few other folks want theirs back, also. once again, thanks to all of yall for keeping this ship afloat. i'm mighty happy to call it home.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We're working to correct this bug and you should see the arrows back on the site header in no time.