New Flagging Reasons

1. Scam artist
2. Flagging because I have nothing else to do other than pick on people
3. ****
4. Bully
5. Racist
6. Paedophile

The options we have at the moment don't seem to cover these.
MrsLalaninjacakes MrsLalaninjacakes
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and apparently they flag stories like mine that was in this group and get that removed. really? my story didn't have any nudity posted or violated any rules to my knowledge, yet it gets removed? and the explicit content still remains...i don't get EP admins anymore...i really don't

You'd think that's what happens, but it doesn;t

I think some of these suggestions for flagging reasons can fit under something that's already there. Like, if someone breaks EP's rules, I flag it as "prohibited". If someone is trolling, I flag it as "drama". <br />
And thank goodness people who flag just because they don't like someone get suspended!

When flagging a post you'll notice a large box for text where you can describe the reason you are flagging a member or content. <br />
<br />
We do record each flag that is made to track any abuse of the system. If a member abuses the flagging system knowingly they'll be suspended from EP. If the abuse persists after they return they will be removed from the site.

we can as many as it takes!

Oh, Ok. Then we don't have to have still more options.


Does **** cover "flaming idiot who ****** me off with every post"?

That and the fact I have slightly less time on my hands to go around flagging people I have blocked or removed. Im not a child.

Maybe you should say that to your friends who are flagging me.

I know, although, to be fair, they got rid of one sick bastard last night after a quick email