I Am More Than Curious - And Need Answers.

I am more than a little confused here - and this is not intended as a slight or added with the intent of diminishing the seriosuness of this debate, but.

Recently, KittenHasaWhip wrote this:

I wish something could be done about the multitude of disgusting stories and members I have seen lately. When I fIrst came to EP. I never saw a story about having sex with ones brother or sister, in vivid detail no less. I never saw a story about someone wanting to have sex with their dog or performing oral sex on their horse. I never saw stories written by men who want to watch their wife have sex with two men at the same time while servicing them orally- and filming it.  I never saw nude avatar or pics of themselves or their nude partner posted in a story. Why do we have to have this now. If I saw that kind of thing then, I would not have joined. It's too perverse for me. 

I use EP daily. I have a fairly wide range of interests; some adult, some mainstream and some trivial. Point being that I have NEVER encountered a profile, story or group relating to the activities described above!  I have ben here a year or so (unsure) and all I notice is a dramatic increase in teh number of complaints relating to the nature of some content. And only once have I seen an avatar depicting the users genitalia - then only because I was linked to it through a discussion around how out of order it was!

So how is it that other users seem to encounter this sort of thing on a daily basis? I understand that many female members here will get spammed or receive invites which are inappropriate or unwelcome and as a male user, I don't (I assume) have to put up with that sort of thing; but just how is it possible to stumble across content which you find totally unacceptable (and it is; I am not defending it)!  What is is about my browsing habits here that seems to render me immune - or safe - as far as this content goes. I am not going to hunt it down, I have no interest in reading about oral sex with horses, dogs, or any other domesticated creature; and that's my point I suppose. I wouldn't even be AWARE that this sort of thing existed here if it wasn't for the number of complaints I read every day when I log on.

Confusing, isn't it!

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When I read :: EPArsineh's :: Comment. I was wondering what did she read? I noticed that the Comment didn't really seem realivent to what I was reading here on. Having nothing to do with Content, but what others where gripping about?

EPArsineh, thanks but missing the point a little. I am not "bothered" by the extreme adult content, the illegal content - because I have not seen any. Yeah, sure it's out there; and if I encountered something I found offensive or illegal Iwould be in touch. But my point really is that, as a mainstream user of the site; 150-odd experiences, a smallish circle, I and probably tens of thousands more like me are blissfully unaware that there are experiences relating to kissing dogs - or worse! We just don't do the sort of search which results in these things turning up. Ergo, not a problem through ignorance. My account has the adult tag. Some of my experiences are adult; my account is not suitable for minors. This thread is tagged too, due to the content it alludes to. It's obvious that where these extreme subjects are being discussed, they require imagination and lateral thinking (or a complete freak of chance maybe: Lala has the most gifted of minds ;-)) in order for someone to find them. And then find them again; then find dozens of variations on a theme. <br />
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Again, I am not defending the content - it's my curiosity which has become aroused by all of this discussion.

There are mature experiences on EP. As long as they don't suggest harm to others (animals or minors for example) they are accepted as legitimate experiences. <br />
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If this is not your cup of tea don't worry. EP works hard to keep this content off your everyday viewing through filters. If your adult filter under account settings is turned on, you shouldn't be exposed to this adult content.<br />
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For members who don't appreciate seeing this adult content we encourage you to turn on your adult filter. If a post is inappropriate in that it violates EP terms, please flag it and bring it to our attention so we can address it immediately.

I'm with :: hawk2002 :: on this too. I haven't noticed all this stuff that much myself. <br />
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"I wouldn't even be AWARE that this sort of thing existed here if it wasn't for the number of complaints I read every day when I log on.<br />
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Confusing, isn't it!"<br />
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Goes through my thoughts as well.

Unfortunately, they are around. I was looking for a story the other day, under the 'deleted' account, and the most that had the most rec's were about k9 lovin'