I Like The Aesthetic Improvements An A Bit Annoyed Of Others Gripping Too Much ... The Mail Page

I like the Aesthetic Improvements. I find it a bit annoying that others can't be satisfied about this Sites Improvements.  Because yesterday for only yesterday, when I went into the Mail Page. I liked the new arrangement.  Now I see it gone. I don't like it gone. I liked seeing that Friend Circle Box that showed me when they where on EP. Why isn't on the page now? Because others have something to gripe about?
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Thanks for the post. We've spent a lot of time adding many tools members wanted for the inbox. We're pretty excited to show it to you but we are still making some minor bug fixes. That way when we do make it available (hopefully soon) it'll be even nicer.

Yes! I loved the new layout on the pm's! In fact, I loved the new layout of the profile pages before they took that way too!<br />
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Fix up and make your minds up!